Samuel de Gunzburg

20 April - 1 June 2019

The exhibition by the French artist Samuel de Gunzburg opens at 20:00 on Saturday 20 April at the Galleria Jean-François Cazeau in Sanremo.

The exhibition presents a selection of works on small-sized canvas by the French artist, made with a particular pictorial technique that involves a subsequent digital re-elaboration. A "hybrid", in balance between organic and digital, which reveals de Gunzburg's desire for abstraction, decomposes and reassemblse by placing the created work in a limbo between past and present.
The young artist, born in 1995, grew up in a family of insatiable collectors, surrounded by works by artists and designers such as Alexander Calder, Joan Miro, Damien Hirst and Richard Serra. The desire to put oneself to the test in first person, however, only starts with the comparison with the London and Parisian underground reality. His first experiments on canvas stem from the idea of ​​capturing the energy and instinct of graffiti and become a reflection of his life, of his travels, organic sum of hurried signs in spray paint and markers.
His works have been exhibited at the Tripp Gallery, the Four Corners Gallery and the Saatchi Gallery in London, and he was also commissioned to create the prize awarded by Prince Albert II of Monaco for the CleanEquity prize 2019 event hosted by Innovator Capital in London last march.