29 June - 29 September 2019

After participating in Art Monte-Carlo, The Jean- François Cazeau gallery in Sanremo inaugurates the Abstract Landscape exhibition, a tribute to landscape painting and its evolution during the 1900s, when the naturalistic references gradually became they lose to completely dissolve in the interior landscapes of contemporary artists. The works of artists such as Louis Hayet, Picasso, Hermin David, Afro, Lynn Chadwick, André Masson will be witnesses of this evolution.
Among the contemporaries, works by Sean Scully, Ian Davenport, Samuel De Gunzuburg it's Nicolas Lefeuvre, French artist, former creative director of Chanel in Tokyo who collaborated for the first time with the Cazeau Gallery and showing a selection of 11 works.
The reference to the theme of the landscape, so dear to the masters of the en plein air painting of the end of the 19th century, stems from the exhibitions that the Riviera dei Fiori is dedicating to Claude Monet, respectively at the Castello dei Doria in Dolceacqua and at Villa Regina Margherita in Bordighera.