30 May - 15 July 2018 Paris


Caesar / Philip Guston / Hans Hartung / Auguste Herbin / Joan Mitchell


In collaboration with the Michel Vidal Gallery, this exhibition aims to pay tribute to the artists who participated in the development of abstraction throughout the 20th century and the first half of the 21st century.
In this spirit, the gallery creates a dialogue between the modern artistic heritage on which it was founded and the post-war and contemporary works that visitors will appreciate.
Jean-François Cazeau aims not only to highlight and build bridges between the works exhibited throughout this exhibition. The point of convergence of the works presented will therefore be abstraction. The term is originally used to describe the carefree art of the literal representation of the visible world. However, the concept has been adapted, questioned, modified and evolved in many forms of abstraction during the 20th century: geometric abstraction, lyrical abstraction, expressionist abstraction, impressionist abstraction, conceptual abstraction, cubist abstraction, surrealist abstraction, figurative abstraction ... The exhibition aims to capture each of the unique qualities of each form of abstraction, while creating visual links between each work to establish a historical snapshot of abstraction in the 20th and 21st century.