Nicolas Lefeuvre - A world of Land(e)scapes: Enter the universe of Nicolas Lefeuvre 'Land(e)scapes'

21 March - 30 April 2020

About the Artist (lives & works in Lisbon)
Nicolas Lefeuvre was born in France in 1975. After studying at Beaux-Arts in Rennes (France) and architecture/product design at Camondo in Paris, Lefeuvre left to travel for almost a year all around Asia. In 2001, he opened a creative studio/gallery in Singapore, doing design, art direction for brands and hosting art exhibitions. In 2008, he became the Creative Director for Chanel which sent him to Tokyo, Japan. After five years in Japan he moved to Hong Kong with his job, at the same time he started an independent music label in China. He is now fully dedicated to art, and has exhibited his work from Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei and Paris. Lefeuvre works mostly with ink, on paper, using objects, and his work is an invitation through ink sceneries of mental travels.